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Having been raised by a true believer in entrepreneurship and hard work, Clara has learned to acknowledge the power of education and inspiration to change individuals, communities, and even entire nations. Having been exposed to a life that is incomparable to that of her parents’, her goal is to step out of this ‘bubble’ and bring others with her - in hopes that increased equality and a strong education system will lead to a nation that moves nowhere else but forward. Throughout her high school and university years so far, she has gained meaningful experiences through kickstarting various projects, founding her own travel startup, and being an active member in communities such as Delta Sigma Pi and PERMIAS Massachusetts.




Tamara is a undergraduate at Biola University, double majoring in Sociology and Communication Studies, and double minoring in Social Justice, Human Rights and Conflict Transformation and Biblical studies. Her experiences has immersed her in diverse culture and worldview, thus she is passionate about seeking for justice all, regardless of their race, background, gender or religion. As an aspiring change maker, her experiences cover being in the intersection of corporations and nonprofits. In 2013 as a response to the growing apathy of her friend group, she started her own non-profit, Second Chance Initiative, focusing on empowering youth and building sustainable communities. In the future, Tamara hopes to travel across the globe, interacting with different sectors, to empower women and vulnerable communities.




Growing up in Indonesia, Adelle was constantly confronted with the harsh reality of poverty and inequality in the country she calls home. This early exposure planted the seed of her passion to instigate social change and to create equal opportunities for all, especially through education and financial inclusion. Her holistic experience in the nonprofit, private, and the public sector, allowed her to realize that one of the greatest catalyst for social justice is the unparalleled collaborations across traditionally bounded spheres of society. She believes in the potential of innovative solutions like impact investing, social finance, and social enterprises - where there is a symbiotic relationship between profit and purpose. Her ambitions are reflected in her past involvement in Microfinance at Berkeley, and past internships in the Executive Office of The President and a non-profit based in the Bay Area called The Green Light Fund. 




Elizia is an undergraduate at University of Southern California with a major in Economics and a minor in Social Entrepreneurship. Her area of study truly reflects her passion in integrating profit and purpose. Elizia believes in finding solutions that leverages the power of the for-profit sector and the social capital inherent in the nonprofit sector to bring effective and sustainable impact to our surrounding community. Currently Elizia is interning with the PNF group at RBC Wealth Management that focuses on working with non-profits, foundations and endowments. 

Spark Indonesia is a social impact organization that is on a journey to develop Indonesia both socially and environmentally. The time has come where young Indonesians must take action for the greater good of their country, and we at Spark are here to help. Social entrepreneurship in Indonesia is growing, and that along with social impact in Indonesia as a whole must be nourished so to create the most positive changes. The Spark Summit is a social impact summit and gathering where top university students from Indonesia meet to discuss how they can best create social change in the country. 





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