Spark San Francisco Presents:

The 1st Annual           +Spark Summit   

Brought to you by The Intersect 

September 8, 2018

SF Google Office 

345 Spear St

San Francisco, CA

United States

About us


This year, we are bringing Spark to the Bay Area with a one-day +Spark Summit specifically focused on the intersection between traditional career fields with social values. It can often be daunting to pursue nontraditional paths, particularly when it involves creating and driving change - a substantial process that in itself implies newness and risk. Spark is here to aid aspiring change leaders so that their journeys may create the most impact.


- The Intersect Team


OUr upcoming summit 2018


Learn how to bridge your career aspirations with purpose and values.


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Keynote Presentation & Fireside chat

Social x Consulting:

A Rigorous and Business-minded Approach to Accelerate impact


Speaker: Partner at BridgeSpan, to be announced!


Social x Technology:

How technology will revolutionize the social sector


Speaker: Wade Bitaraf, Head of Energy & Sustainability at Plug and Play


Panel Session

Social x Business & Finance:

Going Beyond the Bottom Line: Businesses as a Vehicle for Social Good  

Speakers: Charlotte Parker, Business Development Associate at Acumen; Ellie Nielsen, Operations and Impact Assessment Associate at Not For Sale & Just Business


Moderated by: Veronica Colondam (YCAB Foundation)

WHy should you attend?

You will bond with other university students who are as socially conscious (and cool) as you are. We invite attendees who display the most interest in creating social and environmental change. This is your chance to genuinely connect with those who will potentially be the most influential change leaders of your generation. 


*Shaking with excitement* 

You will learn new skills and concepts that will develop your understanding of how you can drive change, be it for the betterment of society or ecology. Asides from your network, you need to know how you can make an impact yourself. We will teach you how to create positive change anywhere you are, and for whoever or whatever it might be. 



Network + Knowledge = Power

By learning from current pioneers, connecting with others who also aspire to drive change, and most importantly, gaining skills on how to create change itself, you will propel yourself to new dimensions of impact that you have never before imagined. You will learn, really deeply, how you can become a change leader in Indonesia. 

"Jakarta, prepare for takeoff."

WhO SHOULD attend?


Being that this is a social impact summit for university students, we believe that, if you are a university student and resonate with any of the characteristics below, you should attend. 



  • Cares about your community

  • Cares about your environment

  • Cares about creating social change

  • Cares about saving the environment

  • Cares about being a part of something big 

  • Cares about being a part of something important

  • Cares about treating everyone in the world equally 

  • Cares about breaking social norms and stigmas that are bad

  • Cares about fighting for those who are treated unequally and inequitably

  • Cares about anything related to being socially and/or environmentally conscious


If you are someone who cares, then you should probably attend.





You will be expected to attend the whole day.


All university students are encouraged to apply. We will choose those of you who convey to us that you care and want to learn and desire to meet new people. 


We do not judge anyone based on color, religion, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, political preference, or any other label.

If that is a problem for you - no judgement to you as well. However, please know that it is simply not tolerable in our culture. 




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Only by joining a spark summit can you be invited into the
spark ecosystem 
Indonesia's leading and most prestigious social impact ecosystem FoR University Students
Current students in the Spark Ecosystem come from world renowned universities such as:

Spark Indonesia is a social impact organization that is on a journey to develop Indonesia both socially and environmentally. The time has come where young Indonesians must take action for the greater good of their country, and we at Spark are here to help. Social entrepreneurship in Indonesia is growing, and that along with social impact in Indonesia as a whole must be nourished so to create the most positive changes. The Spark Summit is a social impact summit and gathering where top university students from Indonesia meet to discuss how they can best create social change in the country. 





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