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Mahatma Gandhi once said “Be the change you want to see in the world”. Growing up in Jakarta, Stephanie was exposed to the inequalities of life quite early in her life - and that is why for Stephanie the change that she wants to see in the world is to level the playing field in Indonesia, specifically by increasing opportunities for people to pursue their education and better their social welfare. To date Stephanie had started a couple of initiatives including Bentley Indonesian Students Association, Project Push Pin and Spark Indonesia as well as being involved in student-run organization such as PERMIAS Massachusetts.




Having been raised by a true believer in entrepreneurship and hard work, Clara has learned to acknowledge the power of education and inspiration to change individuals, communities, and even entire nations. Having been exposed to a life that is incomparable to that of her parents’, her goal is to step out of this ‘bubble’ and bring others with her - in hopes that increased equality and a strong education system will lead to a nation that moves nowhere else but forward. Throughout her high school and university years so far, she has gained meaningful experiences through kickstarting various projects, founding her own travel startup, and being an active member in communities such as Delta Sigma Pi and PERMIAS Massachusetts.



James hopes that in learning about social entrepreneurship, he can make an impact back home in Indonesia where a significant amount of its people are subject to different kinds of injustice. Currently, James is a rising Junior at Babson College, where he is President of both Babson Social Impact Club and Babson Indonesian Association. Additionally, he is the founder of Orange Papaya (, a fair trade company that partners with Indonesian social enterprises to create joint-products that they bring worldwide. He is also a Fellow at StartingBloc and CGIU (Clinton Global Initiative University), an organization created by President Bill Clinton to bring together change leaders from universities around the world. In the past, James has interned at Prep Corps, a U.S. social enterprise that leverages its test prep business to fund its nonprofit in Paraguay, and will be interning at Traveloka this summer, which is currently the largest online travel agency in South East Asia. 




From a small age, Nicholas has been continuously reminded of the need to give back to the community. He believes that people are too disconnected in today’s world, and they have lost touch with their own communities. By creating social change through entrepreneurship, Nicholas hopes to create more community engagement and raise awareness of the social issues that matter, especially on the topic of sustainable energy production. As a freshman at Babson College, Nicholas is involved in AIESEC Boston and is part of the college’s Honor Board. He was also involved in the creation of a business that raises the awareness of causes, such as Breast Cancer and Water Conservation, by selling cause-specific bracelets.


Anant is a self-proclaimed everything geek—his interests take him from coffee to diving to urban exploration. At the University of Chicago, Anant is studying Sociology and Economics, while hoping to add a component in the Environmental Sciences. He works for the university's newspaper, is a barista, and did his divemaster over his gap year. 

On his gap year, Anant also spent a lot of time in Jakarta, getting to know different people in the development and start-up ecosystem, as well as the many facets of Jakarta. This sparked an interest in sustainable business, and he hasn't looked back since! As an Indian who grew up in  Jakarta, Indonesia, Anant is tied strongly to both worlds, and wants to eventually work in impact investing and sustainable development. He hopes to create a framework through which young professionals can access impact-related fields, and achieve their highest potential.

Spark Indonesia is a social impact organization that is on a journey to develop Indonesia both socially and environmentally. The time has come where young Indonesians must take action for the greater good of their country, and we at Spark are here to help. Social entrepreneurship in Indonesia is growing, and that along with social impact in Indonesia as a whole must be nourished so to create the most positive changes. The Spark Summit is a social impact summit and gathering where top university students from Indonesia meet to discuss how they can best create social change in the country. 





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