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An Introduction

Spark Ecosystem is a community of Indonesia's brightest university students committed to creating change.


While students in the Spark Ecosystem come from top institutions from across the world, they all share one burning passion: The drive to spark positive social and environmental changes in Indonesia. 

This is where you will connect with people who have your DNA. 


People who want to instigate change. 


People who aspire for the better. 

People who care.

Why is it so important?

We believe that, in trying to solve Indonesia's problems, young change leaders will be able to create a greater impact when working interdependently with one another. In the space of impact, we are all working towards one common goal: The betterment of society. Therefore, by working together we will be able to efficiently share resources, knowledge, and connections that will be detrimental in the greater good. 

With a network of other students who are the smartest and most hardworking in their respective institutions, you will be able to find people who can support you in your pursuit towards driving change. This may happen either through partnerships and collaborations or simply through inspirational and emotional encouragements. 

All in all, by being a part of the Spark Ecosystem, you will have access to the best network of Indonesian university students interested in social impact. 

An Analogy of Hunters and Gatherers

Hunters and gatherers of the past were only able to survive if they worked together. When individuals got more meat in a day of hunting, they would still need to equally share what they have earned. If they kept all their meat to themselves and let their fellow hunters starve, they themselves would not be able to survive for long against the plethora of barriers they would face.

Applying this analogy to current day challenges, social innovators cannot all hope to be the sole knights in shining armor. There are simply too many problems to be solved by a single entity. What we require is a community of social innovators who work interdependently, relying on mutualism to survive. Through these communities, we believe that social innovators will be backed by the support that they will inevitably need.

How can you join?

To be a part of the Spark Ecosystem, we require that you fully attend a Spark Summit. By making this a requirement, we can ensure that every student in the Spark Ecosystem has been handpicked for their commitment and dedication to social impact. It also ensures a strong bond between the students in our ecosystem as all of them are able to connect with each other through their shared experience of having gone through the Spark Summit. 


Therefore, once a part of the Spark Ecosystem, you will be able to connect with not only the students who attended the same summit you did, but also the students of all/any summits - in the past, present, and future.


If you aspire to be involved in social and environmental impact in Indonesia, the ever-growing network you gain from the Spark Ecosystem will be a crucially valuable asset. This is because, as more Spark Summits are held, more and more students will become a part of the Spark Ecosystem.


In time, our network will comprise of more and more people of many different ages, fields, and backgrounds.  

current students 

Students of the Spark Ecosystem come from... 


7 of the Top 10 U.S. Universities in U.S. News Rankings

#1 Entrepreneurship School in the U.S. 


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Here's are some of the many schools:

Spark Indonesia is a social impact organization that is on a journey to develop Indonesia both socially and environmentally. The time has come where young Indonesians must take action for the greater good of their country, and we at Spark are here to help. Social entrepreneurship in Indonesia is growing, and that along with social impact in Indonesia as a whole must be nourished so to create the most positive changes. The Spark Summit is a social impact summit and gathering where top university students from Indonesia meet to discuss how they can best create social change in the country. 





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